John Backer for Pima County Board of Supervisors - District 4
The election is finally over, but if we want things to change, it is critical we remained involved. If we don't care enough to remain involved, how can we expect those who are suppose to represent us to know our needs, and desires.

What can you do? Plenty!

Here are just a few ideas:
  1. Make sure you are registerd to vote and confirm the department of elections has your correct information
  2. Connect with your political party on a local level - if you are a member of one of the political parties:
  3. Listen to additional sources of news and information - such as:
    • Read and subscribe to The Arizona Daily Independent - click here.
    • Listen to 104.1FM KQTH James T Harris show - Monday thru Friday 2pm - 6pm - click here.
For historical purposes, here are a few links to pieces of mine that have been published:
If you are considering a run for public office and would like to benefit from what I've learned or if you would like to talk to me about getting more involved in local politics, contact me at or call/text 520-302-5397 together, we can accomplish great things.

Contact John Backer:
Call/Text: 520-302-5397

Register to Vote!
Register to vote

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Local Republican Clubs and Organiations

Pima County Republican Club
Pima County Republican Women's Club
Republican Club of Green Valley-Sahuarita
Pima County Tea Party Patriots
Quail Creek Republican Club
Sahuarita Tea Party Patriots

If your group or club is not listed,
call/text 520-302-5397

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