John Backer for Supervisor

Public Safety and Border Security

The most sacred responsibility of government is to protect their citizens and businesses. According to an article by the Goldwater Institute, “Violent crime is skyrocketing in Pima County, but officials are too busy planning to release lawbreakers onto the streets to actually do anything about it.” To bring crime under control, we must replace the current county supervisors, who have clearly demonstrated that they don’t value the safety of our citizens by consistently refusing to allocate adequate resources to law enforcement. The Pima County COVID masking and vaccination policies lead to an incredible number of law enforcement and corrections officers leaving their positions – leading to unsustainable level of overtime to fill the gap which was created.

Although the board of supervisors are not directly involved with the prosecution of those who break our laws, the board of supervisors does approve budgets and it is their responsibility to monitor the effectiveness of tax dollars being spent.

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