John Backer for Supervisor

Economic Development

Economic Development Done the Correct Way

The current economic development strategy is to leverage incentives to attract businesses, but relying on incentives alone is not a viable economic development strategy.

The best way to keep existing businesses and attract new businesses to Pima County is to, first and foremost, provide the services that all taxpayers expect. Businesses and individuals want to live in an area where their families are safe, parks are clean and welcoming, roads are well maintained, and every drop of value is squeezed out of the property taxes paid.

Education is another important factor which can help attract businesses. Businesses that pay the best wages want to hire an educated, experienced workforce – colleges, trade schools and JTED can help provide that educated workforce; however, if the jobs and careers are not in Pima County, our best and brightest will potentially move away.

Incentives to businesses have their place, but incentives must be tied to short and mid-term goals and must make sense financially to our taxpayers. County government must do a better job of working with businesses - understanding that being business friendly while consistently applying reasonable standards, provides opportunities and hope to our current and future residents and businesses.

Policies that keep Pima County Residents in Poverty

  • Pima County's "Prosperity Initiative" - the cure for poverty is opportunities - current board policies limit opportunities
  • To attract new business opportunites, Pima county must address crime, fentanyl, and homelessness.

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