John Backer for Supervisor

Listening to Residents

Not Listening to Pima County Residents

  • The current board of supervisors has limited the speaking time provided to the call to the audience, and based on the number of residents wanting to share their thoughts, the individual speaking time can be further reduced to only 2 minutes.
  • The voters of Pima county voted down a measure to turn Pima County into a santuary county, but Pima county is acting as if the voters approved the measure.

Additional Restrictions Placed on the Public

Today, June 18, 2024, the board majority is voting to further restrict the public participation in the BOS meetings (See agenda here). In addition to watching the BOS meeting in person, residents can also watch the BOS meetings live on Youtube or watch live on Granicus) or watch on Cox Channel 96.

To view additional information about your current board of supervisors, meeting schedule, adgendas, meeting minutes, etc - click here.

John Backer for Supervisor

John Backer for Supervisor

Autonomy and Authority of Cities and Towns within Pima County

Although cities and towns enjoy the authority and autonomy of being incorporated, there is an undeniable connection to Pima County. To provide services to the residents of cities and towns, there are Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) and Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) where services such as mutual aid agreements for law enforcement and other first responders, some wastewater treatment service, and the Pima County Health Department for example.

Due to economies of scale, as the Town of Sahuarita grows for example, it makes more financial sense to partner with Pima County to develop additional wastewater treatment facilities to provide those additional services to Sahuarita and additional county residents.

At times, a difference in values has created confusion for Sahuarita residents and businesses. As an example, the Town of Sahuarita leaders opted to follow the guidance of the Arizona Governor to keep businesses open during COVID; however, the Pima County Health Department did not align well with that decision.

The cities and towns of Pima County should expect and Pima County government to work from a prospective of open communication, fairness, and a respect of the authority and autonomy of the cities and towns.

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