Hi, I’m John Backer and I’m your candidate for the 3rd Vice Chair of our Pima County Republican Party. I respectfully ask for your support.

Due to our limited time together, I would suggest you visit BackBacker.org to learn more about my experience, background, and history of service.

I’m a lifelong Republican, Air Force Veteran, and have 30 years of experience leveraging technology to make the impossible – possible. 

At the age of 17, I took an oath to protect and defend our Country and our Constitution and that oath has no expiration.

I’m a business owner, and the Director of Business Development and Client Success at Zinatt Technologies Inc. which serves our law enforcement community, and previously spent 10 years at IBM working on a world-wide visual analytics team helping our clients to fight terrorism, fraud, waste and abuse.

As Republicans in Pima county, we must work harder and smarter to win elections. I’m excited to serve you and all the Republicans in Pima County by leveraging my experience and knowledge to help fill our PC ranks, register more Republican voters, and help our Republican candidates win elections.

Since I have no plans to run for elected public office, I’m fully committed to serving you as your 3rd Vice Chair through the full 2 year term. As your 3rd Vice Chair I will coordinate our voter registration and volunteer recruitment efforts, and report on our progress at each ExComm meeting.

“We can’t manage what we can’t measure” – I plan to work with the newly elected Pima County Republican Party Executive Committee to provide legislative districts and their precinct committeewomen and committeemen the tools they need to work more efficiently and effectively. 

Additionally, I will work to provide party leadership the key performance indicators (KPIs) they identify in a dashboard which will be updated in real time from the available data.  

A data driven approach will allow me to coordinate the efforts to register more voters, recruit additional volunteers while providing a dashboard to measure our effectiveness in reaching voters in real time.  

By working together and leveraging each of our God given gifts, we will win future elections, grow our party, and help younger generations understand what freedom really is and how to protect it for future generations!

Thank you for your time and consideration – I’m excited to serve you as your 3rd Vice Chair.