Just Fix The Roads

Over 90 percent of Pima County’s roads are in “poor” or “failing” condition, according to staff. The condition of our roads not only negatively impacts our residents, but also has an adverse impact on our business community and tourism to our area.

The current Pima County District 4 supervisor not only voted to place Proposition 463 on the ballot, but actively campaigned for a tax increase. He insisted that “the only way to fix the roads was to raise more taxes.”

While the current Pima County District 4 supervisor’s motto was something along the lines of ‘just fix the roads,’ for most Republicans the goal is to reject tax increases whenever practicable. For the residents of the fifth poorest metropolitan area in the country, it is essential that leaders maintain taxes as low as possible while providing the services our residents need.

More Fiscal Responsibility – Not More Taxes

Pima County has received $92 Million in HURF (Highway User Revenue Fund) and VLT (Vehicle Licensing Tax) money this past fiscal year alone.

Pima County and the municipalities within it have received $1.5 Billion in HURF and VLT funds over the past 10 years, there should be no reason we should need another $900 Million to maintain and repair our roads.

Of the 92 Million dollars received:

  • $18 Million went to pay for the 1997 road bonds which paid for incorporated road maintenance
  • $26 Million was transferred to the general fund by the county administrator
  • $40 Million was used to pay for the vast majority of the $43 Million in overhead created by the Pima County Transportation Department

The majority of our community voted “NO” on additional taxes. Now, we can see we are having an impact – the County Administrator magically found $26 Million dollars to maintain our roads. Unfortunately, the roads will still get worse than they are today. We need at least $45 Million budgeted every year just to keep the roads from getting worse.

Unless we replace the majority on the Board of Supervisors, we can expect another attempt at a tax increase after “showing Pima county they are willing to spend more on roads.”

Don’t let your friends, neighbors and families be fooled.

I’m running to be your next Supervisor in District 4 and would appreciate your support. Please share my website to help me reach the largest number of people who feel our roads have been neglected far too long and we have been taxed way too much with nothing to show for it.

I have already been working for you – I’m excited to do even more for you and our community!