John Backer for Supervisor

John Backer endorsement by Bill Bracco

I have known John Backer for well over 10 years now. I have been so impressed by John's ideas and his ability to communicate that I appointed him as Commissioner to the Sahuarita Planning and Zoning Commision about eight years ago. He currently sits on the Commission and serves as the Chairman.

Through his years of service, he has earned a great reputation in Sahuarita for asking the questions that need to be answered to make informed decisions. His personality and willingness to actively listen to all points of view and make solid decisions has served the residents of Sahuarita well.

John is a fellow Veteran, which helps underscore his continued commitment to service and his desire to exceed expectations.

Based upon my firsthand experience with John Backer over these past years, I offer my enthusiastic endorsement for his campaign to continue his service to our community as the Pima County District 2 Supervisor.

Bill Bracco
Council Member
Town of Sahuarita

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