The following endorsements of
John Backer for Supervisor – District 4 – 2020 have been received:

I back Backer and you should too!

James T Harris – Conservative Talk show host

I have known and worked alongside John Backer since 2016. I have seen firsthand how John conducts himself in various situations. I have no doubt that he will work hard for all the residents and taxpayers of Pima County.

John is a hard-working man who is passionate about solving problems and making Pima County the best it can be.  John understands the issues that Pima County faces – poor roads, the highest property taxes in Arizona and Chuck Huckelberry’s non-transparency and poor business decisions.  John has the knowledge and drive to make the changes necessary to benefit all of Pima County.

I have seen John interact with the constituents of District 4. He speaks from the heart and answers questions directly and concisely.  

For all these reasons and many more, I offer my highest endorsement of John Backer for Pima County Supervisor, District 4 in 2020 and encourage everyone to support his campaign by donating your time and money to support this strong candidate.

Kim DeMarco
Former Candidate, Pima County Board of Supervisors District 3

I have known John Backer for more than a decade, both personally and professionally. It is my experience that John runs his business the same way he lives his life; with honor, integrity, honesty and dedication to others. I have seen him handle difficult situations with utmost care for others, exhibiting kindness and fairness.

John listens to others and considers their input yet is unyielding in his principles which are at the core of his decision-making. If John says it, he means it and you can count on it.

I know it does not sound like I am describing a politician and that is because I am not. I am describing a servant of others. In other words, a true public servant, who has and will consider his fiduciary responsibilities to others as paramount. John is an incredibly intelligent man who cares about his community deeply and is willing to serve all of the people to the best of his abilities. He is your neighbor who wants to look out for you and your neighborhood.

Trust and selfless service is in low supply. Too many of our current public servants don’t put the public first. They consider the special interest groups and powerful people their “base.”

I look forward to electing a leader whose only interest is upholding his sworn duty to protect our county resources. I look forward to a leader who will fight waste and abuse of tax dollars. I look forward to electing a leader who will work with others to serve the people of Pima County in the most transparent and effective way possible.

I fully endorse John Backer Jr. for the position of Pima County Board of Supervisors.

Brian L Beebe
Local Business Owner and Pima County Resident

John Backer is one of the most honest and hard working professionals that I have had the honor of working with. John has always gone the extra two miles to help people out. I would highly recommend John for the position of Pima County Supervisor.”

Juan Salazar – Home Inspector
Speedy Services, LLC.

I have had the privilege of working with and alongside John Backer for over three years. During this time, I have grown to admire his ability to analyze and articulate complex information in plain English, exercise abundant common sense, treat others with respect, and display an unwavering loyalty to principles and people. John will represent Pima County with the humble and steady leadership it needs, and I fully endorse his candidacy for County Supervisor.

Ryan Hoover
Business Colleague

When thinking back over my career, there have been a few key people that have played an integral part of shaping where I am today. John Backer is at the top of that list. I met John while at my first internship. At the time, I knew I wanted to work in IT, but didn’t have any direction into what I actually wanted to do. John took me under his wing and helped shape me to into the programmer I am today. Working together, we were able to design a senior project that helped save multiple hours of manual work daily, but also introduce me into multiple spaces of development that I had never worked before.

After John moved on, he recommended me to replace him in his previous role and we have never lost touch since. We continued to work on several side projects, even helping me setup a small company and secure a client base for one of the applications we built. John has continued to be a mentor in my career and I will forever be grateful.

Outside of a professional relationship, John has also been a great friend personally as well. He’s always been the type of person who will drop what he’s doing to help a person in need. We worked very closely on several volunteer projects together, including Habitat for Humanity construction projects. He’s a stand up guy, incredibly talented, and a pleasure to call a friend and mentor.

Jerod Mills
Development Manager, Regal Cinemas

I am 100% behind John Backer to become our newest member of the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

John is a conservative whose values are reflected in his words and actions. John is a man of principles, who will fight to keep Tucson and Pima County from going down the same failed path as San Francisco.

Knowing John as I do, I have confidence that “R” beside his name on the ballot not only represents his Party status, but his determination to be a “reliable” vote watchdog Supervisor Ally Miller needs. Mr. Backer will be the ally Ally Miller can depend on.

Jim Buchanan,
64 year Tucson resident. 47 year Tucson business owner.

It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Mr. John Backer for the office of Supervisor for District 4.

I am James Michael Wilson, a Director of Global Accounts at Semantic Research. I have known John for more than 10 years of experience working in Computer Security Industry, and have seen many professionals come and go. John is one individual I have worked with who uniquely stands out.

During our time together, John displayed great talents in handling multiple tasks, deliver highly complex solutions while collaborating with colleagues from around the globe. When we first met, I was immediately impressed with gentle and kind personality, but during the time worked together, his understanding of people, personalities, and developing strong relationships grew beyond any of his peers.

It’s not just his technical skills that impress me, however. John has a huge heart and is a joy to work with because of his amazingly positive attitude and kind heart to always find ways to balance difficult choices that ensured the job was completed, everyone was a part of the solution, and the solution was led by his open honest ability to listen, understand, and build solutions that work. His country upbringing and international experiences were always necessary and valued not just by me, but by all of his peers, who often relied on him to get the job done.

I am absolutely confident that Mr. Backer would be a great fit for the County Supervisor and he has my complete support. Not only will he bring the kind of skills and experiences you’re looking for in a candidate, he will quickly become an asset and help the County grow in new creative ways.

As I recommendation Mr. John Backer in this letter, I can only provide you a small snapshot of John’s many talents and achievements, I would be happy to further elaborate on my time working with him over the past 10 years. John is a family man committed to his values and beliefs and it will be hard pressed to find a better candidate. I am proud to know him and deliver this recommendation and to call him my friend. I would be happy to have him as my Supervisor for the District and I look forward to seeing him excel at another endeavor.

James Michael Wilson
Director of Global Accounts at Semantic Research

As an angel grandparent, I support John Backer for Board of Supervisors in District 4. John is against raising our taxes, supports transparency, and accountability of our elected officials.

He will urge his fellow supervisors to join him in finding a replacement for Huckelberry so that we can end sweetheart deals for special interests – providing long needed fiscal responsibility in Pima County. I’m comforted by knowing John, a veteran of the Air Force, will continue to protect Pima County residents as our next Pima County Supervisor.

John Backer is a very kind, honest, hard-working man of the people who will make sure our voices are heard at the highest levels of Pima County government.

Please join me and Back Backer!

Laura Basurto

I have had the pleasure of working along side Mr. Backer since January 2014. It didn’t take much time for Mr. Backer to become John, my friend.

John intuitively listens with patience. He evaluates, asks questions, and does all that he may can to better understand the given situation. This strength, that he so humbly possesses, is what allows him to easily build rapport, gain trust, establish a dependable foundation, and deliver substance to any relationship.

This man’s virtues and beliefs do not founder. He proudly stands by what he believes and speaks only the truth. With that said, he respectfully welcomes all discussion with eager ears. John’s integrity is below no other. He stands fast to always do what is right, even when no one is looking.

After two decades of being exposed to an array of individuals through my career in the U.S. Army, the Las Vegas Police Department, and Corporate America – John Backer sits at the top of my list of the most entrusted, honest, loyal, selfless people I have ever known. I don’t see him faulting from that pedestal of which I’ve placed him, and I definitely see so many others with a vacant place of which he’ll reside quite nicely.

What a privilege Pima County has to of captivated John’s attention. Only great things may come of this partnership between a man and his claimed home. I fully endorse John Backer in all of his endeavors but more specifically, as Pima County’s Board of Supervisors.

Mrs. Dallas R. Knight
U.S Army combat veteran, LVMPD veteran, friend

It is my honor to strongly recommend John Backer for the Office of Supervisor – District 4. It has been my privilege to work with John for several years. Not only is he a respected colleague but we have grown to be good friends.

As a colleague, he has earned my respect because he is someone who can be consistently depended upon to “go the distance.” He knows what it takes to achieve success and gets it done. He is an ethical, wise, and dependable professional.

As a friend, he has a big heart. He is the type of friend who reaches out during times of triumph and tribulation. He can be counted on and enriches every life that he touches. When I think of my friend, I do not see “a politician” I see someone who is trying his hardest to make a difference, to do the right thing, and do the hard work. Because of this, I give John my endorsement with the full faith that he will serve in the manner expected of him.

I have confidence that John will serve Pima County in the most honorable of ways.

John Wintrow
Business Colleague and Friend