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Pima County

JP Districts

  • Constable JP District 1 – John Dorer
  • Justice of the Peace, District 2 – John Maley
  • Constable JP District 7 – Thomas Richard Schenek, Jr.
  • Constable JP District 8 – Ron DeSouza (Write in his name)
  • Justice of the Peace, District 10 – Vince Roberts
  • Constable JP District 10 – Michael Stevenson

US House

Congressional District 1 (Vote for 1) –

Congressional District 2 (Vote for 1) –

Congressional District 3 – Daniel Wood

US Senate (Vote for 1) –

State Senate and House

Legislative District 2

Legislative District 4

Legislative District 9

Legislative District 10

Legislative District 11

Legislative District 14

Corporation Commission (Vote for 3)